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Panicum Maximum cv. Mombasa is characterized by its high nutritional content and it responds very well to intense fertilization.  It is greatly used as a forage grass by beef producers.  It has an average resistance to spittle bugs.  Mombasa is highly recommended for intense grazing systems and is a good alternation for pasture diversification with Brachiaria Marandu.  It requires fertile soils and is not recommended to be planted on slopes.


Family: Gramineae   

Vegetative Cycle: Perennial                                   

Growing Form: In bunches


Soil Fertility: Fertile/well-drained

Altitude: Up to 1500 m

Annual Precipitation: Over 800 mm


Drought: Good

Cold: Good

Humidity: Low          

Spittlebug: High

Shade: Medium


Dry Matter (D.M.) ha/year: 30t

Brute Protein in D.M.: 10 – 16%

In Vitro Digestibility of D.M.: 55%

Palatability: Excellent

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